• Rioja Railway Wine Experience” will be held on 22 May at Manhattan’s iconic The High Line.
  • For the first time, five great wineries from the emblematic Barrio de Haro will travel abroad together to show the world the greatness of their wines and the beauty of a unique destination in the world.

Haro, January 2019 – The Barrio de la Estación travels to New York to celebrate, on 22 May, the first edition of the “Rioja Railway Wine Experience”, an event that will present the winemaking philosophy and the great wines of five of the most important wineries in La Rioja and the Spanish wine scene: Bodegas Gómez Cruzado, La Rioja Alta, S.A., Bodegas Bilbaínas Viña Pomal, Bodegas Muga and Bodegas RODA.

The venue chosen for this innovative event is The High Line, an iconic location in the borough of Manhattan. It is an elevated section of the East Side Line of the now defunct New York Central Railroad, a nod to the Haro railway around which, in the mid-19th century, its famous Station District was born, essential for the gradual birth of its wineries.

“Rioja Railway Wine Experience” will feature several highlights. On the one hand, an exclusive historical master tasting for the most reputable American journalists and tasters led by Pedro Ballesteros MW, the first Spanish Master of Wine, who will give a tour of the centenary history of the neighbourhood and its wines. The five wineries have also organised a ‘Grand Tasting’ aimed, on the one hand, at professionals in the sector and, on the other hand, at the gourmet public. In total, more than 600 attendees will be able to enjoy some of the best wines of La Rioja together with different tapas prepared for the occasion by leading chefs from the United States.

mined to give to the Barrio de la Estación to promote its historical and cultural value as the cradle of Rioja wine and as one of the best wine tourism destinations in the world, unique thanks to its concentration of century-old wineries.  In this first event, “Rioja Railway Wine Experience” will connect the philosophy, culture, tradition and renowned quality of the wines produced in the historic Rioja district with the city of New York through a late 19th century setting with a 1920s aesthetic. Without a doubt, a unique occasion for all lovers of Spanish wine and culture in the United States, the source of a high percentage of visitors to this wine region and an essential market for Rioja wine.

The Haro Station District, committed to the James Beard Foundation

The “Rioja Railway Wine Experience” event also has a charitable function. Thirty percent of the proceeds from the tickets will go to the James Beard Foundation, the leading US NGO in the gastronomic sector, which awards the James Beard Awards every year. The American foundation aims to create programmes for the improvement of food and sustainability, guided by the values of respect, transparency, diversity, sustainability and equality.