The best restaurants in the country together with our wines.


Great Wines and Michelin-starred gastronomy

Michelin-starred haute cuisine joins District Station Tasting wine tasting event for another year. On 18 June 2022, a new edition of this wine culture day will be held, and once again, it will also bring together some of the best restaurants in the country to prepare dishes to accompany the 12 labels that can be tasted in the wineries.

Echapresto Brothers

Venta Moncalvillo

Cod confit with Riojan sauce

Defenders of local vegetable cuisine and Riojan tradition. This year they are preparing a dish in which cod will play a leading role, with a personal and differentiated style, which has made their cuisine a benchmark of Riojan gastronomy for the world.

“It is a pleasure for us to participate in this event, which has become a benchmark for wine tourism not only in Rioja but also in the world of wine in general.

Miguel Caño, Llorenç Sagarra, Dani Lasa y Caio Barcellos


Marinated pork brisket and green sprouts on toast

The brand new chefs at the helm of the jarrero Nublo, recently awarded its first Michelin star, are proud of their participation in this year’s edition of the tasting, having only been open for a few months.

“We are very happy to be able to participate in the 4th edition of The District Station Tasting, an event that has managed to internationalise Haro and its station district, making it a benchmark event. Nublo, as a neighbour of the town that hosts such a long-awaited event, only hopes to honour and warmly welcome its attendees, hoping that it will continue its growth and visibility in future editions.

Rafael Prieto

El Serbal

Bocado de Cantabria (Corn toast, Tudanca beef roast, mustard, quesuco cream, pickles and anchovies).

From Santander comes a cuisine with a preparation that tastes of Cantabria, but which is perfect to combine with the wines of El Barrio: Bocado de Cantabria based on corn toast, Tudanca beef roast, mustard, quesuco cream, pickles and anchovies.

It is a real pleasure for us to be able to participate in this very special event of The District Station Tasting, not only because of the wineries that make it up, its location and what they represent in the world of wine, but also because it is the first one after such a complicated period for all of us and because we are part of a truly incredible group of professionals and friends of the sector.

Miguel Cobo

Cobo Estratos

Chlorophyll, salmon and fresh pesto

The gastronomic journey through the savoury ends with a proposal from the Burgos restaurant Cobo Estratos. The former chef of the starred Cobo Vintage, Miguel Cobo, will prepare a dish of chlorophyll, salmon and fresh pesto.

“What a pleasure to share the evolution of Cobo Estratos’ cuisine with the great wine houses of our country.

Carolina Sánchez e Iñaki Murua


Pocha beans with duck

From Logroño comes to Haro a gastronomic proposal also with a Michelin Star with a dish of pocha beans with duck that will find a good sensory match among the white wines of The District Station Tasting.

“We are very happy to be part of this edition of La Cata del Barrio de la Estación, where we will spend an unforgettable day around wine and gastronomy, together with friends, winemakers, chefs and of course with everyone who visits us.

Delicious Gastronomía

Rice with meat and vegetables


A prestigious catering company with extensive experience in organising corporate and social events. For lovers of traditional cuisine, they will treat us to a rice dish with meat and vegetables.

“For us it is a very special occasion to be able to work for lovers of the great wines made in our region. And therefore we are very excited about Haro Station Wine Experience. “

Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez

Kankel Cocoa

Soft chocolate mousse ¨bean to Bar¨ on flourless chocolate sponge cake, with a nugget of Cacao Origin Peru ¨Bean to Bar¨, natural strawberry cubes and red wine truffle tempranillo.

The sweet note comes from the National Award os Gastronomy and its creation Kankel Bean To Bar of soft chocolate mousse on flourless chocolate sponge cake, with a nugget of Cacao Origen Perú ¨Bean to Bar¨, natural strawberry cubes and red wine truffle tempranillo, which can be tasted thanks to its preparation for The District Station Tasting.

“We are a new option for the sustainable and quality artisan chocolate lover. From ¨Bean to Bar ¨ we want to create a new experience.