• Barrio de la Estación International Wine Encounters further establish their events with a second edition of an unmissable date for professionals.
  • More than 500 professionals from all over Spain enjoyed this oenological twinning between Rioja and Piamonte, two regions bound together by the elegance, distinction and ageing capacity of their wines.

The Asociación del Barrio de la Estación has brought together great wine cellars from Piamonte for the Barrio de la Estación International Wine Encounters II: Barolo y Barbaresco. This private event, which has gathered over 500 professionals, among sommeliers, distributors and influencers, firmly established the success of this twinning activity in its second edition. BEIWE, promoted by the Asociación del Barrio de La Estación, foster the international spirit of the bodegas of the Barrio, inviting other high profile winemaking regions from around the world which share values and history, and selecting the wine houses for the quality of their wines.

In this second edition, Rioja has been twinned with the Piamontese winemaking districts of Barolo and Barbaresco which, while different in climate and types of soil, coincide in the elegance and distinction of their wines, as well as their ageing potential.


“The Barrio de la Estación International Wine Encounters is an event that seeks to link up with other winemaking zones from around the world which share our values and goals. With this second edition we have succeeded in consolidating our interest in spreading the culture of wine and showcasing the zones of greatest international prestige” comments Manuel Muga, president of the Asociación del Barrio de la Estación.

More than five hundred professionals have been able to get to know both these Piamontese winemaking districts and the potential of their star grape, nebbiolo, through the wines produced by six great houses: Cavallotto, Ceretto, G. D. Vajra, Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy, Marchesi di Barolo and Roagna.


For their part, the host Rioja bodegas, CVNE, Bodegas Muga, Gómez Cruzado, La Rioja Alta, S.A. and Bodegas RODA, have taken the opportunity to surprise those attending with a preview of some of their latest products.

Complementary activities in the Bodegas of the Barrio de la Estación

The Rioja bodegas have complemented the international event with a programme of parallel tastings.  CVNE showed the diversity offered by the viura grape, thanks to the different ways it was processed. Bodegas Muga also wanted to show off diversity, in their case what the different terroirs bring to the wines. In addition, the vertical tastings have served to show the evolution with the passing of time as well as the personality of each vintage in the Cerro Las Cuevas wine in Gómez Cruzado, the Gran Reserva 904 in La Rioja Alta, S.A. and CIRSION in Bodegas RODA.


This event, promoted by the Asociación del Barrio de la Estación, was sponsored by Argraf, Berthomieu – Ermitage Tonnellerie, Cork Supply, Cartonajes Santorromán, Ramondín and RIEDEL Euroselecció. In addition, Audi – Rioja Motor, Bucher Valsin – Enolviz, Cafés La Brasileña, Estuchería Vargas, Estal and Irundin also collaborated. And the products of Agua 22, Aceite AUBOCASSA, G. Sobrón Martínez and Queso Los Cameros were also present.